Picking Out the Perfect Hot Tub for You and Your Family

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Picking Out the Perfect Hot Tub for You and Your Family

Picking Out the Perfect Hot Tub for You and Your Family

A hot tub from Snow Valley Spa and Leisure in Fernie, BC provides a great opportunity to spend regular quality family time together. You and your family can spend countless hours in your Sundance® Spa while enjoying the outdoor surroundings of your Fernie backyard, indulging in the many health benefits a hot tub provides or simply relaxing. Before you soak up the jet-infused heat, you need to pick out the perfect hot tub for you and your family!

Hot Tub Sizes

Increase the time you spend together as a family by investing in a Sundance® Spa that can accommodate everybody! Snow Valley Spa and Leisure has a variety of Sundance® Spas in Fernie and surrounding Elk Valley communities that can accommodate:

It’s important to base the size of your hot tub on the size of your family and the chance of entertaining guests. If you have a large extended family or many family friends who may want to indulge in your luxurious Sundance® Spa, then you may want to think about investing in a larger hot tub.

Snow Valley Spa and Leisure has many different sizes of Sundance® Spa models available in Fernie, Jaffray, Hosmer, Elkford, Sparwood, Elko and Cranbrook! Contact us today for help finding your perfect spa!


While looking to invest in a Sundance® Spa in Fernie and Sparwood for the entire family to enjoy, it’s important to keep finances in mind. The cost of a new or used hot tub will vary between models and available warranties. It’s important to take all of the possible factors into consideration while budgeting for a Sundance® Spa.

Snow Valley Spa and Leisure offers a user-friendly online tool that allows you to build and price your desired hot tub. You can even request a price online during your budgeting process if you have an idea of a certain hot tub model that you may want to consider investing in. We also have affordable financing options available for our hot tubs in Fernie, BC. It can be beneficial to explore all of your options before you make a final decision or purchase.

Shopping for a Sundance® Spa will be much easier once you have a budget prepared that is reasonable for you and your family.

Backyard Planning

You can greatly spice up your backyard life in Fernie, BC with a unique and fresh hot tub installation! It’s important for your backyard to be accommodating for you and your family so that everybody can enjoy the Fernie outdoors. If you are considering adding a Sundance® Spa to your family’s backyard retreat, then having a plan for your hot tub installation may be beneficial to you. There are a range of options for additional features available to you while planning your outdoor oasis.

Dining and entertaining outdoors can be made much easier with the addition of outdoor furniture, couches, BBQ’s and grills, an outdoor bar, a fire pit or a gazebo/cabana. All of these factors can be taken into consideration while planning your hot tub installation. Our installation gallery has a variety of ideas to help you get started with your backyard planning.

Plan as a Family

Since you are planning investing in a Sundance® Spa and revamping your backyard to accommodate your family’s needs and wants, it might be a good idea to include them in the process! Younger family members can help make decisions regarding colour and style, while more mature and financially involved family members can make the final decisions on models, furniture and landscape ideas.

Visit our hot tub planning section for additional information regarding your future hot tub installation in Fernie, BC!

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