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Water Care Products

SpaBoss products allow for a hot tub to be enjoyed with pride and confidence! SpaBoss products are designed with the hot tub owner in mind. With a complete line of water treatment products to fit any need or preference, a SpaBoss water care program makes it easy to maintain clean, safe, crystal clear water. CAPO Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing and marketing top quality specialty chemicals since 1893. Since its inception, CAPO has been a family business, now in its 4th generation of the same family. We treat our employees and customers as if they are a part of the family as well.

Snow Valley Spa and Leisure carries a large selection of water care products, cleaners, test products, specialty additives for your hot tub, we also offer in-store computerized water testing while you wait. No one has a better selection of these products in the Fernie and Elk Valley Area.


SPABOSS Alka-rise

SPABOSS Alka-rise PH Stabilizer
  • Alka-Rise works effectively to raise total alkalinity in spa/hot tub water.
  • Low total alkalinity causes the pH level to wander, can lead to corrosive water and renders disinfectants ineffective.
  • Regular testing of alkalinity is particularly important when bromine or spa tabs are used.

SPABOSS Chlor-aid

SPABOSS Chlor-aid Stabilized Chlorinating Granules
  • A fast-dissolving, completely soluble chlorine disinfectant that provides long-lasting and economical control of bacteria and algae in spa/hot tub water .
  • Will not effect pH and contains no scale-forming calcium.
  • Available chlorine 65%.

SPABOSS Spa-shock

SPABOSS Spa-shock Chlorine free
  • Maintain crystal-clear water clarity with Spa Shock.
  • A completely soluble, non-chlorine oxidizing shocking agent that does not affect pH levels and works quickly to destroy foreign contaminants which reduce the effectiveness of bromine and chlorine.
  • Just add after each use or when spa/hot tub water appears cloudy.


SPABOSS Spa-Tabs Stabilized Chlorinating Tablets
  • Concentrated slow dissolving Trichloro chlorine tablets.
  • 90% available chlorine.
  • Small 20gm tablets fit in floating dispenser, skimmer bay or chlorinator.

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