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Weekly Residential Maintenance Service

You should be able to enjoy the comfort and luxury of your spa whenever you please. There’s nothing quite like the frustration of coming home from a long day, only to realize that you need to clean your hot tub, rather than relax in it. Lucky for you, with the weekly residential hot tub maintenance services offered at Snow Valley Spa and Leisure in Fernie, that’s a thing of the past! Once a week one of our friendly and knowledgeable spa technicians will inspect your spa system and advise you of any concerns or treatment plans.

Some of the services we offer as a part of our weekly residential maintenance service package include:

  • Weekly inspection of spa operation
  • Visual check for leaks
  • Advise of any concerns
  • Monitor water chemical balance and adjust as required
  • Supply all water care products
  • Top-up water level as required
  • Clean bather ring line
  • Complete water change every four months
  • Check and inspect the filter as required

You can view and download the actual checklist that the technician goes through on the weekly visit by clicking the button before.

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